A House Of Hunger

This is another one of those response poems and it was written in reply to Anthems For Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen (read by Sean Bean).

What of those who brawl like beasts
at these epic clashes of civil unrest?
Only the wailing voice of the leading priest
can tame the congregation’s warranted zest.

Can they not have temper, no fire, no fury –
or gain help from the famous welfare bards?
Yet they are judged and tried by society’s jury,
and made examples of by golden-tied guards.

With the neighing of these pinstriped horses
comes a dark day for the people of the West.
And of their love lost families’ forceless forces
as Tory MPs laugh with juvenile jest.

And this is what it means to speak against power,
may as well await execution in London’s tower.

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