All Hallows’ Eve

I know it’s a little late but I wrote a seasonal poem about Halloween.

I wrote this poem inspired from a one called Vespers by A. A. Milne. His poem is all about childhood innocence whilst mine is about a walk in through the park taking a turn for the odd and the strange.

Vespers is a poem I found out about in my childhood but it’s one that was brought to my attention again in the film Goodbye Christopher Robin, a film about Milne’s relationship with his son Christopher Robin Milne.

Boys playing ball, beating like a base drum
as bodies move through the air of autumn.
Clangity clang through the hoop it goes
whilst I think in partial poems, not prose.

Gods bless the dogs. I know that’s correct.
Not those school kids looking a bit suspect.
Nothing burns like the cold but there’s a fire on
the ground. Crunching, in orange. Yellow and brown.

If I look at any bin right now forthwith, I can
see hollow cans of Fosters and John Smiths.
Squirrels scale trees and I look to the playground
to see parents with kids, screaming like banshees.

There are bicycles, sounding like a dragonfly’s wings.
Whizzing past you in a nanosecond, their bell ring rings.
Late on an autumn day, in the heat of the night, when
one passes me under the sometimeish moonlight.

I could be kidnapped walking past the lampposts.
This is All Hallows Eve with ghouls, dames and ghosts.
I said I need to get home – this isn’t my business,
as tonight the veil between worlds is at its thinnest.

This university student walks up to his front door,
he fumble for keys with his lovely new paws.
Woah! Woah! Woah! Hang on. Has he been bit?
And he wakes up, sees his mom and says oh shit. 

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