Black Holes In The Third Person

I wrote this poem in attempt to convey growing up and it’s inspired from Girl Beside You from Depression & Other Magic Tricks by Sabrina Benaim.

There’s a man
walking to class
with a boy by his side.

They call the man Joshua.

He’s carrying
the world in
his backpack.
A black hole
holding notepads
and novels –
trapped in the dark.

Joshua is a frown,
a crescent moon on its side.
The boy laughs.

They call the boy Jacob.

Jacob exits his parents’
Range Rover.
Jacob talks
like those kids in
Enid Blyton novels.

He holidays
in coastal towns.
Doing crosswords
in the view of
Spring’s Squill and Stonecrop.

And each time he writes
something down,
he looks at Joshua
with his
nostalgic eyes
remembering what was.

They continue
their walk and
they stop, to breathe.

So that’s what talking in the third person feels like.

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