New Country, Who Dis?

Inspired by ‘What’d I Miss?’ from Hamilton, I wrote this poem on the thoughts and feelings I had coming back to Britain in July 2016 after a month’s holiday in India.

How did the former-leader of colonisation
take a vote to declare its own independence?
Immigrant-reliant society
no longer a leading authority
made up of people from former-colonies
government in contempt of democracy
Britain’s all washed up, ready to forfeit
everyone knows we’re walking in corsets

there was once a time
when this country set the precedent,
the Brexit experiment
stupid as American decadence
reels of no deals in a one-party system

I went to India
and came back to this,
switched the TV on
to see May’s new cabinet
one-way or no way like IKEA
no idea which way is up
whilst rolling through wheat fields
what Farage envisaged
as Blyton’s Britain
cucumber sandwiches and green fields

Photographer: Jamie Casap on Unsplash

but what awaits The People in this new place?
Farage, Boris and Mogg strawberry-lace faced
and The People respond with what the hell is going on?
we are ready to war for England’s soul
parliament and public in khaki enrolled
government plan is nothing more than authoritarian control

Spent four weeks in India, arrived to Heathrow’s political abyss
and the revelation of closet racists on my news feed
along with UKIP politics, ‘Britain First’ and ‘English Defence League’

What the hell did I miss?
“You’ve been gone a long time” (four weeks)

New country, who dis?

2 Replies to “New Country, Who Dis?”

  1. I like what I’m reading, similar but also far from my own thoughts I try to put into verse. I’ve only started to show people my own inner thoughts but they are very real. I look forward to meeting you in this new year. I doubt myself but have been told not to, it’s a journey but only seldom need a passport. I look forward to meeting you soon Tre and having a conversation with a like minded person. Be happy, if you wake everyday with happiness then you have found the meaning of life (in my opinion ). I’m still searching but I’ll get there. Keep it real ma man. Great work ✍️✍️✍️

    1. Thanks so much, Sean, for such a kind comment which is poetic in itself. Will I see on the 29th January at my human rights event? Are you also a poet, then? Would be good to get you on the stage at a future event, if so? Keep in touch.

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