Tré Ventour

Creative, Public Historian, Sociologist, Cultural Critic ... and PhD Researcher


Tré has worked with a number of organisations, including schools, universities and prisons.

To date, one of his most memorable experiences, is developing a lecture on X-Men and neurodiversity. This started as a one-off for autistic advocacy organisation NeuroClastic, but has since been presented at conferences and universities. At the moment, Tré is working sequel sessions about characters Storm, Mystique and Rogue in a neurodiversity context.


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My Story

Tré Ventour-Griffiths is an autistic-dyspraxic creative, public historian,  sociologist and cultural critic, who speaks and writes on subjects that can be broadly contained within Black British history, neurodiversity, intersectionality, arts and culture, and insurgent politics.
His PhD research is about the Caribbean presence in Northamptonshire, 1948-1985. It aims to show Caribbean histories of postwar Britain extended beyond London and other major cities, including representations of Blackness in towns and the rural countryside.

His writing has been published across poetry, journalism, and nonfiction, while he has further worked with organisations in the arts, education, third sector, and others on projects linked to race and disability. Much of his work also intersects with various disciplines across the life sciences, arts and humanities, and the social sciences.

Delivered across public and private sector, as well as community groups, he conducts educational sessions about different things frequently bespoke … since his interests are interdisciplinary. If you are interested in Tré visiting your institution or community group (in-person or online), get in touch via the contact form.

Winter 2023 – Spring 2024

Centre for Latin American & Caribbean Studies (CLACS, University of London)
Research Seminar: Northampton's Matta Fancanta Youth Movement
The Happy Hood
Keynote - ThaNNksgiving: A History
Northampton Film Festival
Judge (Misfits and Mavericks Category)
McFarland Publishing
Book Chapter - Bridgerton and the Anti-Racism Industrial Complex
University of York || Public History Graduate Conference
Caribbean Northants: An Overview, 1948-85

Racialisation + Neurodiversity: Talks & Workshops

Black History Speaks